About me


I have been passionate about photography all my life and have been working as professional photographer for 10 years.

I have a natural talent and feel for portraiture and seek to capture the essence of the subject in their authentic and unique expression of self. I find stillness and patience supports this process … it’s often the unexpected moments that contain the magic.

My photographic studio is nestled in the magnificent old growth rainforest hinterland of Byron Bay. Many clients walk with me into the wonderland of the forest and this provides a backdrop that is so alive and pulsating that the subjects experience a synergy with nature that illuminates something quite extraordinary.

I am also available for product shoots and tailored stylised sessions. If you have an idea, no matter how alternative, let’s talk about it.

My work can be seen around Byron Shire and beyond from a  billboard at Gold Coast airport, to magazines, brochures and on-line retail stores. I love working together with local businesses to support and promote the diverse creative edge that Byron Bay has to offer.